Safety Tips

Please, spend a few minutes to read and follow these online safety tips we create to provide a high level of privacy for all our participants.

Note: We will never send you an email, sms or any other notification asking for your username and password information. Any such communication should be reported immediately.

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Trust, but verify. Always consider the possibility that the approach may be a scam. For this, do an image search of your admirer using such services as Google or TinEye. Pay attention to things like spelling and grammar mistakes, inconsistencies in their stories and persistent desire to move you away from the site.

Photos & Videos. Be extremely cautious when sharing your personal photos or videos with people you’ve never met before. Scammers are known to blackmail their sacrifices using compromising materials.

First meetings. We highly recommend you to gather maximum information about other person before meeting them for the first time. Also, it makes no sense for you to travel to some place far away for a first meeting with someone you have never seen before.

In other cases please follow the next tips:

  • Use the technology (Internet, social media, paid services) or government resources available to everyone to check your admirer.
  • Tell family and friends about where and when you’re going. If you already have contacts of your partner – feed your closest with this information.
  • Always meet in public – never in a private or remote location, and never at your date's home or apartment.
  • Stay in public place on the first date.
  • Keep a clear mind no matter how hard your want to know the person closer.
  • Have a plan B. In case things don’t work out or suspicions crowd upon you, drive yourself from the first meeting using your own car or taxi.
  • Always keep an eye on your personal stuff, especially on your drink so it can’t be tampered with.

Finances. Never send money or provide your credit card details to anyone you don’t trust. For this be aware of how much information you share on your account.

Avoid transferring money for someone else, intentional funds transfer, electronic currency. Scammers can pose as government or charity representatives but no one from government or charity funds will use dating websites to get in touch with you.

Other personal information. Our scam watch team recommends you not to disclose such information as phone number, email address, passwords or even your full name in your online dating profile.

Moreover, pay extra attention when accessing your profile from a public or shared device, do not use auto sign-in feature and don’t forget to clear all saved information.

Report suspicious users. Navsegda team makes everything possible to protect you from unwanted contacts. In case you suspect someone or feel you shouldn’t trust them, please block suspicious user and then report it to us immediately. The Navsegda team greatly appreciates your contribution to the collection of scam-related data.

TOP 6 warning signs you should pay attention to:

  • You meet someone online and after some relatively short period of time they ask to chat or meet with you privately.
  • After you check their online dating profiles and then compare it to their Facebook page or the stories they share with you – you might notice inconsistency. For example, poor English and university education.
  • After you chat for awhile and gain everyone’s trust there might be a situation when your admirer suddenly tell you an elaborate story and ask for money.
  • Sometimes messages may address you by the wrong name.
  • Their calls become more desperate and persistent if you don’t send money.
  • They usually have an excuse for everything.